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What are ceramic knives made of?

Ceramic blades are made of an advanced ceramic called zirconium oxide. Zirconium oxide registers at an 8.2 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. This is just under diamonds which tops out at 10. Find out how ceramic knives rank amongst other materials on the hardness scale.

How are Ceramic Knives made?

Zirconium oxide is fired at a high temperature and high pressure to form the advanced ceramic blade. The ceramic blade is then honed to a precision-sharp edge with a diamond wheel.

Are ceramic knives fragile?

It may be surprising to most but ceramic knives are not nearly as delicate and fragile as they seem. Ceramic knives are harder than steel knives but certainly not as flexible. Prying, twisting or bending is not recommended and may compromise the durability of the ceramic blade. However, to be fair, the same holds true for steel knives. Follow the recommended ceramic knife care instructions and it will last you a lifetime.

Are ceramic knives dishwasher safe?

We do not recommend washing ceramic knives in the dishwasher. Objects have a tendency to rattle and shift during the dishwashing cycle and this puts your ceramic knife at risk of damage.

How should I store my ceramic knife?

Ceramic knives should be stored in a knife block or knife tray.

Can ceramic knives be sharpened?

Ceramic knives retain their sharp edge for a long time and do not need to be sharpened like traditional steel knives. However, if the ceramic knife is under-performing, it can be sharpened with a diamond sharpener. Diamond sharpeners are available for consumer use but we recommend bringing the knife to a professional ceramic sharpening service.

Will my ceramic knife break if dropped?

Any knife is at risk of damage if dropped on hard surfaces. Your ceramic knife should not shatter but could break at the tip. Depending on the scale of the damage, the tip may be partially repaired. We recommend seeking a professional for any repairs or sharpening work.

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