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Ceramic Knife Care

Ceramic Knife Care

Important Safeguards

Ceramic blades are very sharp. Use extreme caution when using and handling Miyako Ceramics products.

Always hold knives by the handle with the sharp edge of the blade away from you. Avoid contact with the sharp edge of the blade.

Keep away from children. Do not allow children to use Miyako Ceramics products.


Care and Maintenance

These guidelines will help prolong the life of your Miyako Ceramics product.

Miyako Ceramics knives are recommended for everyday slicing of fruits, vegetables and boneless meats. Avoid cutting hard foods such as frozen foods, nuts, cheese or bones.

Always use on a wood, bamboo or plastic cutting board. Softer cutting boards are easier on the ceramic blade and will help retain its sharpness. Avoid using hard cutting boards made of glass, stone or marble.

Hand wash only with warm water and mild detergent. Wipe dry with a clean towel. Avoid using steel wool or harsh abrasives to clean. Clean and store immediately after use to prevent accidents and damage to the knife. Avoid washing knives in a dishwasher. The aggressive motion inside the dishwasher may cause the knives to strike against other objects.

Discoloration on the ceramic blade can be removed by soaking briefly in a mild bleach solution.

Prying, twisting, bending, flexing, scraping or applying force on the tip or side and edge of the blade is not recommended and may void the warranty. Ceramic is harder than metal, resulting in longer edge retention. Although ceramic blades are stronger, they are not flexible.



Ceramic knives should be stored in a wooden or bamboo knife block or knife tray. Acrylic knife blocks and trays are not recommended.

Never leave your ceramic knives loose in a drawer. Not only is it dangerous to reach into a drawer full of knives, the constant banging against other objects may chip the blade.



You may start to notice micro nicks on the blade's edge after prolonged use. This is normal for any hard material. The existence of micro chips does not mean the knife is dull or affect its performance. The knife continues to perform well despite its appearance.



Ceramic knives rarely need to be re-sharpened but if necessary, they can only be sharpend with a diamond sharpener. Although diamond sharpeners are available for consumer use, we recommend seeking out a professional ceramic knife sharpening service.

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