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Why Miyako?

Why Miyako?

Not all ceramic knives are created equal. On the outside, they can look and feel the same, but after a bit of use, their differences quickly become apparent. Miyako Ceramics has taken extra steps to ensure that all of our ceramic knives are a cut above the competition. We pay extra attention to all the details to give you a knife as only Miyako can. Every ceramic knife we manufacture includes all of these features:

Stunning High Gloss Finish

On the outside Miyako ceramic knives feature a stunning high-gloss finish. The glossy ceramic blade is not only aesthetically pleasing; it also enhances the anti-bacterial properties by preventing foods from sticking to the blade. The high-gloss finish also prevents staining and allows for easy cleaning.

Precisely Honed Cutting Edge

Extensive testing and several revisions later, this blade finally received the Miyako stamp of approval. Our fine tuned process creates a knife with over 10x the edge retention of a metal knife and a sharpness exclusive to Miyako. The cutting edge has been honed to offer the sharpest and most durable we can offer.

Super Soft Ultra-Comfort Handle

All Miyako ceramic knives feature an ultra-comfort grip. The handle is super soft to the touch (you have to touch it to believe it!). The ergonomic handle feels natural and balanced in your hands even for the novice user. The handle was designed with the user's experience in mind. Every curve was put in place for the most natural feel, perfect for right or left handed users.

Extensive Quality Assurance

Our manufacturing process was developed to create the ultimate cutting knife. Each step is closely monitored to ensure the end result is a precision slicing tool. Using the latest technology and good old fashion human eyes, any knife that does not meet our strict guidelines are rejected, ensuring you the highest quality product we can offer.

Extra Hard Ceramic

Ceramic material all come from similar raw materials, but that is where the similarities end. Miyako Ceramics uses zirconium oxide with grain sizes less than 0.6 µm. When these tiny ceramic grains are heated and pressed together, the result is a material that is denser and harder than other ceramic knives in the industry. We press the ceramic material to pressures upwards of 300 tons, creating a blade that approaches the hardness of diamonds. The denser and harder the blade, the better its durability and edge retention.

Hardness is measured on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. 1 being a soft material and 10 being the hardest material known to man (diamonds). Below is a chart of some common materials on the Mohs scale.

how hard are ceramic knives

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